Blue Spring Cave (Hardbound)


Book on Blue Spring Cave, Tennessee,

By Larry E. Matthews and Bill Walter
346 pages, hardbound

Blue Spring Cave HB

Tennessee's longest mapped cave with over 35 miles of surveyed passages.  Although its natural entrance has been known since prehistoric times, only 500 feet of cave had been explored as recently as 1989.  In that year a group of cavers pushed a tight, blowing crawlway at the rear of the cave and discovered miles and miles of fantastic, virgin cave passages.  Exploration still continues as this book goes to press.

 Follow along with the modern explorers as they describe their exploration of this underground wonderland, mile by mile.  The path was not simple or easy and required long-term perseverance to slowly unravel this underground labyrinth.  In the process huge passages and rooms were discovered along with rare and beautiful cave formations.  Divers have recently pushed in from Blue Spring for over a mile in flooded cave passages.  A connection has not yet been made to the air-filled passages, but they are getting close.  The story of their exploration is exciting and dangerous.

 This book is lavishly illustrated with photographs and maps.  Each chapter will actually show you where the explorers have gone and what they found.  The maps will enable you to follow them further and further from the entrance.  This book will treat you to the complete exploration of Blue Spring Cave since the breakthrough in 1989 up to the present.