Cave Conservation and Restoration


For every cave-related decision, the foremost concern should be protection of the cave resource. This new book provides ideas and practical tools.

Following an introduction, Part Two describes current concepts and practices in cave conservation. Identifying/protecting cave resources. Establishing limits. Monitoring impacts. Defining management standards. Improving ethics.

Part Three covers tools and proven methods for cave restoration other than speleothem repair. Cleaning cave features. Removing artificial fill and debris. Controlling organic nuisances. Organizing cave projects. Repairing speleothems.

Part Four covers speleothem repair.
Nearly a hundred pages of appendixes include a cave-protection act, sample management plan, sample agency cooperative agreement, and a reference list.

Edited by Val Hildreth-Werker and Jim C. Werker
ISBN 1-879961-15-6
xiv + 600 pages, softbound