Waterproof* Sten Battery


* 3400 mAh cells, 7.4 V nominal
* Dipped in rubber-like waterproof sealant.
* Connector compatible with Manley 20 or Sten headlamps and chargers.

Designed and manufactured here in the USA, these replacement batteries are built with the highest quality. Battery cells are from either Japan or South Korea and are among the highest capacities available. The packs are assembled and double spot-welded (not soldered) for high reliability. A custom battery management system (BMS) PCB implements two independent safety circuits. The pack is assembled with custom 3D-printed end caps and then encapsulated in rubber-based polymer for a waterproof seal.

* Note: Molex connector used in the Manley 20 and Sten is not waterproof. The product can be submerged for only short periods of time.