Lechuguilla Cave: Discoveries in a Hidden Splendor

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In this book, the most active explorers of Lechuguilla Cave ( New Mexico, USA)  show the features that made it famous and reveal new discoveries in terms of beauty, scale, and science. Through their writing and photography, they take the reader on their journey of preparing for, and exploring, this remarkable cave. They describe how to successfully live and work in the underground, and highlight the challenges that must be overcome to discover and map new passages.

Edited by: Max Wisshak and Hazel A. Barton
Published by: speleo-photo editions 2022

What's inside

240 pages
258 color photos und 7 graphs
Double-foldout page with 3D model of the cave
Hardcover 22.5 x 30.5 cm
5-color offset print on coated matt premium paper
Carbon-neutral production

With Forwards and Afterwords by: Jonathan B. Jarvis, Rodney D. Horrocks, Peter Bosted, and Dale L. Pate