Scurion TecDive


Dive rated -250 m, heat/cold and shock resistant, fully programmable to your preferences, individually tested @ 30 bar. Due to the unique customization of this light, please contact us before ordering.

All Scurion’s come with the standard “cold-white” LED (5600K). However, all lamps can come installed in an a “warm-white” (3000K) option producing a softer yellowish light similar to carbide

The Scurion TecDive comes with one module four cell battery and charger. Contact us for mounting solutions or browse the related accessories. 


  • New optics with much tighter spot
  • Rugged, waterproof aluminum case, rated for -250m
  • NEW: >1300 ANSI Lumen
  • Constant current regulated brightness (independent on battery voltage)
  • Room light: Lambert distribution, half angle 60°
  • colour temperature ~5600 Kelvin – nice, pure white!
  • Microprocessor control for Li-Ion power reduction
  • Bar display for remaining battery capacity
  • Optional UV-LED and projector for bar display
  • Electronic transport lock
  • Built in heat sensor that prevents the lamp from overheating
  • Reliable electronics – Swiss quality!