Caving Basics 4th edition


Caves are one of the final frontiers, and provide a unique opportunity to explore and enjoy.  But caves are also fragile and delicate environments that need to be protected and preserved.  The 4th Edition of Caving Basics is intended for beginning as well as experienced cavers to give them ideas and insight into caves and caving technique.  Subjects from the nation’s leading experts on a variety of caving topics, including caving safely, cave geology, leadership, landowner relations, and caving lights and equipment.

Much has changed since the 3rd Edition was published.  The world of LED Lighting, new Rescue and Rope techniques, and advances in White Nose Syndrome (WNS) research are just a few of the updates.  Whether you are considering your first cave trip, or are getting back in to the sport after a long absence, Caving Basics will help you maximize your enjoyment of this true adventure sport!

Fourth Edition

Dean Wiseman and Curt Harler, editors

Copyright NSS, 1982, 1987, 1992, 2016

Perfect bound (soft cover), 272 pages

ISBN 978-1-68044-002-7