Scurion Dive


The Scurion® diving version is rated for dive depths of -150m. Each system is individually tested to 20 bar before leaving Scurion workshop in Switzerland. Due to the unique customization of this light, please contact us before ordering.

All Scurion Lamps and Cases come in black. Color upgrades are extra. Contact us if there is a color you want that is not listed here!

All Scurion’s come with the standard “cold-white” LED (5600K). However, all lamps can come installed in an a “warm-white” (3000K) option producing a softer yellowish light similar to carbide

The Scurion Dive 1500 comes with one module four cell battery and charger. Contact us for mounting solutions or browse the related accessories. 


  • Light output = 1300 measured ANSI-Lumen
  • Battery capacity: 4-cell li-ion module, 7.2 V, 7 Ah, 50 Wh
  • Depth rating: 'dive' = -150m / 'tecdive' = -250m
  • Wight: lamp head =166 g, battery case = 290 g, battery module = 214 g
  • Material: Aluminum, hard anodized in several colors available
  • Color temperature: 'neutral' white 6000K or
  • Color temperature: 'warm' white 3000K