The first rope designed specifically for Colorado Plateau Canyoneering, the Canyon Fire has become popular with discerning canyon enthusiasts across the globe. Since the sheath is what counts, we added material there to create a “sheath-heavy” static rope, with 60% of the material devoted to the sheath. The result is a cut resistant, durable rope at a slightly higher weight than our 8mm rope. We also made it on the stiff side for a tad more friction, to help resist cutting, and so it has a noticeably lesser tendency to get stuck in cracks on the pull down.

Available in pre-cut lengths of  120, 200, and 300 feet. Shipment colors will vary.

Conditioning your rope: it is a good idea to condition your rope before first use to bind the sheath to the core. Soak the rope in water for an hour or two, then hang it up to dry. Three cycles of this, then it is ready to go. Many times this happens naturally in the rope’s first canyon, but long ropes tend to escape this fate. Please condition your long ropes before using.

Canyon Fire is a true static rope. No bounce! This helps it resist core-shots over sharp edges. (Elongation at 200 lbs is less than 1%).

The ropes are cut 5% longer than the nominal length to account for the expected shrinkage in the first couple of canyons. A "200 foot rope" will be at least 210 feet, usually a foot or two longer.

Weight - 1750 grams or 3 lb 13.6 oz per hundred feet.

Weight - 58 grams per meter

Breaking Strength: 4100 lbs.

Made in Canada. Core: polyester. Sheath: polyester.

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120 Feet, 200 Feet, 300 Feet

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