6mm Pull Cord (Static)


NOW with 5% more, all lengths, to account for shrinkage. (e.g. a 200 foot cord is actually 210 feet)

The cord is Polyester sheath and Polyester core which absorbs quite a bit less water than nylon cords. It is quite a bit more static, so you won’t be fighting the stretch.

Weight: 2 lbs, 0.5 ounces (per 100 feet).

Strength: about 2200 lbs. This cord is meant to be used as a PULL CORD only. NOT FOR RAPPEL- it is not strong enough for that.

Available in precut lengths of 120 or 200 feet.

The 200 foot length works well with the Imlay Pull Cord Bagette though more conveniently in a Bagarino.

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120 Feet, 200 Feet, 300 Feet