Scurion® 900

Scurion® 900


The Scurion 900

The Scurion 900 Delivers the flexibility of a spot similar to the 700 model and flood light similar to the 1500 model. Perfect for any long day expedition. Comes with one 4-cell battery and aluminum housing.


    • The Scurion 900 model has the same spot as the Scurion 700 model, but the wide angle LED is similar to that of the 1500 model. This provides a the user with a great wide angle option at a value price.
    • 250 lm spot, 550 lm wide angle LEDs
    • Programmable light settings
    • Battery indicator and Li-Ion power management
    • Constant current control - constant brightness independent of battery state
    • Nonmagnetic - no magnetic switch disturbing compass measurements
    • Designed and made in Switzerland!

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