Scurion® 1500/1200


The Scurion Difference

The brightest lights Scurion offers, perfect for exploring borehole. The Scurion 1500 is the flagship model of headlamps. It offers the power to light up huge caverns while equipped with programmable settings similar to the 900/700. This gives you the flexibility to preserve battery power using the lower settings while having the option to switch to full power when needed. Comes with two 4-cell batteries and aluminum housing.



  • Additional Specs

    • Warm white option available, contact us to learn more!
    • Spot and wide angle LEDs with approx. 750 ANSI-lm each
    • Wide angle LED is tilted for optimal working illumination distribution
    • Programmable light settings!
    • Battery indicator and Li-Ion power management
    • Constant current control - constant brightness independent of battery state
    • Nonmagnetic - no magnetic switch disturbing compass measurements
    • Designed and made in Switzerland!


  • Speleo Battery

    • extremely robust aluminum battery case
    • heavy-duty grey cable with no connection to remove fail points
    • rated IP68 -20m (not made for diving, contact us if interested in a Diving Lamp)
  • Return Policy

    Due to the unique customization of Scurion Headlamps.. all returned Headlamps are subject to a 20 percent restocking fee.

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Bringing Scurion Headlamps to the USA